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It is common in business matters that contracts are required to make sure work gets done, an agreement is legally recognized, and trust is achieved between two collaborating parties. However, conflict can occur, even after contracts have been agreed upon. Parties can act contrary to agreed terms, find damaging loopholes, or disagree on an interpretation of contract language. Not only can these disputes happen between businesses and their employees or contractors, but also other businesses and even customers.

When these disputes occur, it's important that a business takes every possible step to resolve them quickly and efficiently. Contract disputes can often damage morale, hurt productivity, and even blemish a business' reputation. At Jackson Law Firm, PLLC, our Chattanooga business law attorney has helped countless businesses and individuals resolve their contract issues and put costly, frustrating disputes behind them.

Common Kinds of Contract Disputes

Contracts are essential for many businesses practices and transactions across nearly every industry. This has even become more apparent with rise of online businesses and user agreements.

The most common contract disputes involve:

  • Membership and service contracts
  • Construction and home improvement contracts
  • Business contracts
  • Misrepresentation claims

In Tennessee, a majority of contracts require written documentation, but sometimes verbal contracts can be enforced in civil court. These cases are usually viable when there has been a purchasing of goods or services, such as automotive repair.

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In the case of contract disputes, swift legal action is always recommended. Many times, these disputes can fester, escalate, and compound the charges and claims before any of the facts reach a courtroom. Our Chattanooga business law lawyers pride themselves on meticulous attention to detail and have the experienced eye and resources to make sure contract terms are properly and indisputably presented before a judge.

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