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Probate | Estate Planning Attorney in Chattanooga

At Jackson Law Firm, PLLC, we understand that trying to resolve legal matters on the heels of your loved one's death can be difficult. You shouldn't have to face these overwhelming issues on your own, which is why we extend our support to you at this time. Our Chattanooga estate planning attorney is not only legally certified to assist you, but qualified and experienced, as well.

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The word 'probate' often makes many individuals want to turn the other way. No one likes to dwell on the idea of a loved one dying or passing on their estate responsibilities to them. However, understanding how this process works can permanently benefit you and your family.

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What assets pass through probate?

Simply getting probate started can be more difficult than any other aspect. We're often faced with the question of, "Isn't probate the same thing as estate administration?"

While similar, a big difference is that certain assets only pass through probate, including:

  • Retirement plans listing the decedent's estate as the beneficiary
  • Life insurance policies listing the decedent's estate as the beneficiary
  • Assets of the decedent without a designated beneficiary
  • Assets of the decedent with another individual listed as "tenants in common"

After determining the assets affected by probate, it's time to get to work. If your loved one had a will, it means that an executor will handle the details. Without a will, an administrator is responsible for taking care of the estate.

Before the estate can be administered, the validity of the will has to be established by presenting it to the court. This is followed by concluding the deceased's financial obligations, such as bills and taxes. Finally, the pertinent assets are transferred to all beneficiaries.

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Left on your own, the details of probate are enough to make anyone's head spin. We cannot overestimate the value of retaining a Chattanooga probate attorney who will pursue every legal avenue for or together along with you. Our firm believes that together, we can take the mystery out of probate and resolve your loved one's estate exactly as they would have wanted.

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