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Expedited Disability Determination


Can A Social Security Disability Claim Be Expedited?

There are certain circumstances where Social Security Disability Insureance (SSDI) Claims can be accelerated for an applicant.

Dire Need

An SSDI applicant is unable to afford to pay for food, medical care, or utilities, or if the applicant is facing imminent eviction or homelessness

Military Injury

If an injury or illness occurred while an applicant was serving on active duty, on or after October 1st 2001

Terminal Illness

Certain conditions quality for an expedited determination such as AIDS, ALS, certain types of cancer such as liver or gall bladder, or otherwise metastazied or considered inoperable, or if the person has been in a coma for 30 or more days or is in hospice.

Compassionate Allowances

Many of the conditions that fall under Terminal Illness can also qualify for an expedited claim for a compassionate allowance even if not considered terminal at the time.

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