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How To Apply For Disability - Filing a Successful Disability Benefits Claim


The Process of Filing a Disability Claim

How to Apply for SSDI

An application for Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) can be made over the internet, by telephone, or in person at a Social Security Administration (SSA) office. An applicant must provide proof of identification and age such as their Social Security number and birth certificate, medical records that document the cause of the disability that prevents an applicant from working, contact information for the attending physicians who have been treating the applicant’s condition, as well as documentation of the applicant’s work history including W2 forms, tax returns, along with a description of the type of work that the applicant had done.

Important Information For a Disability Application

The application must also include a detailed explanation of how the medical condition prevents the applicant from being able to perform their work duties. Even if the criteria for receiving SSDI benefits are met, any errors or missing information can trigger an immediate denial, in fact more than 65-70% of applications for SSDI benefits are initially denied. There is an appeal process for applications that have been denied by the SSA which involves four possible steps that can be taken ranging from an initial reconsideration stage to a federal lawsuit challenging the denial of benefits. Given the likelihood of an initial denial and the many steps involved in an appeal, representation by an attorney experienced with disability law can greatly increase an applicant’s initial application for SSDI benefits or offer the opportunity for a successful appeal when an initial claim has been rejected.

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